Why pressure cooker handles are made of plastic

Household appliances like pressure cookers can be used to prepare meals at a faster rate than with traditional cooking methods. The primary and secondary sections of the pressure cooker are both included in the package.

The basic component of a pressure cooker is a pot that can be used to store both the ingredients and the water. The secondary component is a lid that has a rubber gasket on top of it and can be locked into place once it is in place.

These two components are joined together by handles that are freestanding and are the ones that are responsible for keeping everything in place.

Why pressure cooker handles are made of plastic?

When using a pressure cooker, the interior of the pot will become filled with intense heat and steam as the food cooks. In order to prevent any mishaps from taking place, it is the job of the handle of the pressure cooker to ensure that the lid is firmly fastened.

Because of this, the handle shouldn’t be too easy to remove. Because plastic handles are formed out of a single piece of continuous plastic material, it is physically impossible to snap or bend them in such a way that they would break into two separate pieces.

There are no screws used to connect the components of the pressure cooker together since the pressureWhy pressure cooker handles are made of plastic cooker handles are made to keep the lid securely linked to the pot to prevent injuries.

In place of having separate parts linked together with metal hinges or screws, these components are assembled by being molded into a single component and then bonded together.

Because of this, using it is much safer, as it prevents users from accidentally cutting themselves on sharp metal bits. The fact that these handles are made of plastic that can be cleaned in the dishwasher and does not rust makes it much simpler to clean up after the event.

Are pressure cooker handles safe?-

If you find yourself wondering, “Are the handles of the pressure cooker safe?” then you should know that they are constructed of plastic and are designed to keep intense heat away from the user.

It is essential that you always wash your pressure cooker by hand since high temperatures can melt the plastic on the handle if the handle were to be submerged in water for an extended period of time. When cleaning these components, it is preferable to employ the usage of a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

When using a pressure cooker, it is important to have handles made of plastic since they do not become hotWhy pressure cooker handles are made of plastic and provide a strong grip. This makes them safe to hold.

Because the pressure cooker works by trapping steam inside, which builds pressure, having metal handles would be dangerous because they get very hot during the cooking process due to the direct contact with flames or stovetops. This would make it difficult to control the pressure inside the pressure cooker.

What are the advantages of using plastic handles?-

Plastic handles have been added to pressure cookers by the makers in an effort to make their products more user-friendly and less likely to result in injuries.

Keeping the lid safely clamped down and preventing any mishaps or injuries from occurring while cooking is made possible by the easy-grip handle’s resistance to slipping off.

It also makes it much simpler to clean these products given that they can be cleaned in the dishwasher and do not corrode with time.

Because the components are assembled with one continuous piece of molded plastic rather than with metal hinges or screws, the safety of the cooking process is increased because there are no metal components that come into contact with flames or stovetops.

As a result of these factors, more and more makers of pressure cookers are moving away from using metal handles in favor of plastic handles for all of their models.

How to Prevent Burns from Pressure Cooker Handles? –

Before touching the handle of a pressure cooker, you should always make sure that it is not hot. This is the most effective approach to avoid getting your hand burned by the handle of a pressure cooker.

If you happen to unintentionally contact the plastic handle when it is hot, you should not use your bare hands to grasp onto it. Instead, you should use a kitchen towel or potholder.

If, after cooking for a significant amount of time, the handles are still hot, you can always allow it to cool downHow to Prevent Burns from Pressure Cooker Handles before using it again. Due to the fact that the handles of the pressure cooker will become extremely hot during the cooking process, it is essential to take precautions to ensure that they will not come into contact with any flames or stovetops.

In the event that the handle inadvertently comes into contact with something hot, you should wait until the handle has cooled down before attempting to remove it, and should always use pot holders when touching it. By doing this, any incidents that could have been caused by the handle overheating will be avoided.

The dangers of metal handles-

There is no need for screws or hinges to hold everything together because pressure cooker handles are designed to keep the lid securely fastened and prevent it from slipping off. The usage of metal would be risky because if the user dropped their pot by accident, the metal hinge may cause them to sustain an injury.

For this reason, makers of pressure cookers never employ metal in the production of their goods; rather, they choose to work only with plastic.

Plastic does not become hot when subjected to high heat and has a tight grasp when holding onto them, in contrast to metal, which has the tendency to slip out of your hand when it is preheated.

Plastic does not corrode like many metals do, such as iron or steel, so the handle will not rust over time even though it is made of plastic. As a result, the clean-up process thereafter is simplified because you do not need to worry about rust spots or need vigorous cleaning.

Are all pressure cooker handles plastic?

There are a few varieties of pressure cookers that do come with metal handles because the safe operation of these pressure cookers requires a high temperature. Before being put to use, every metal component, including the handle and the cover, must first be warmed.

This is done to ensure that no mishaps take place. Because it is hazardous to prepare food with these itemsAre all pressure cooker handles plastic unless the handle and cover have been heated first, it is not suggested that people use these kinds of products under any circumstances without the supervision of a parent.

If you have a model similar to this one, before using it for the first time, make sure you read the directions very carefully and always keep in mind the phrase “When in doubt, let it cool down.” When compared to plastic handles that can withstand intense heat while maintaining their cool temperature, this is the most secure alternative to use when you are cooking.

What are some negative aspects of using plastic handles? –

Despite the fact that plastic is preferred by the majority of pressure cooker manufacturers due to the fact that it is safer and simpler to clean up after use, there are a few drawbacks associated with the usage of this material.

The most significant drawback is that, unlike their metal analogs, they are not stable when exposed to temperatures of extremely high intensity.

This means that if you accidentally forget about your pot on the stove for an extended period of time orWhat are some negative aspects of using plastic handles completely forget about it, you run the risk of the handle melting into a gooey mess.

If you make the mistake of touching the hot plastic handle with your bare hands, the molten plastic will transfer onto your flesh and produce second-degree burns as a result of prolonged exposure to the extremely high temperature.

When it is subjected to extreme heat, just like any other plastic product, it will distort and warp into the shape of whatever it is in contact with, regardless of how it was originally formed.

Because of this, the handles of pressure cookers are not recommended for use by individuals who enjoy cooking with extremely high heat, since this could result in issues in the event that the handle deforms as a result of the tremendous heat.


A pressure cooker with a plastic handle has several advantages, the most important of which are that it is safer to operate and that it is also much simpler to clean and maintain.

They have made cooking safer for everyone by lowering the number of typical metal components used in cooking equipment.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new pressure cooker or upgrading your existing one, you should search for models that have these kinds of handles and give some thought to how you would properly operate this equipment.


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