About Me

I'm Allison: a 30-ish, married, new mom working full-time in Pharmaceutical R&D, and part-time in my kitchen! Aside from being a self-described Type A personality, and a list-making nut, I have a love for planning and cooking meals that has inspired me to be the best I can be in the kitchen for my husband and family. I truly believe that healthy food is the foundation for healthy bodies, minds, and attitudes. How else can you have it all in this world?! (DISCLAIMER: Type A nonsense makes random appearances)

Did I mention I love lists? My favorite weekly chore is making our grocery list and planning our meals for the week…in pretty columns organized by grocery aisle with the weekly menu listed on the back (I am picturing my husband rolling his eyes as I write this). But, because I can appreciate that many of you don't share my enthusiasm over this task, here's hoping my blog can help you out!

I hope you enjoy my recipes and thoughts! Drop me a line, as I'd love to hear your stories and ideas!

-Allison @TypeAKitchen
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