A Type A Bloggiversary: How Perspective Can Change in Five Short Days

I've had a Type A epiphany.

If you've noticed it's been a little quiet around here, you're awesome for noticing.  On July 5th, we welcomed our daughter, Avery Caroline, into this crazy world.  She entered our lives after 10 hours of overnight labor, and since she's been around my Type A world has been put into a little bit of perspective.

I also just realized that this post will mark my two-year bloggiversary.  I've had an awesome two years cooking, photographing, oversharing, and obsessing with you, and I can't wait for what the future holds for this blog, for my daughter, for our lives.  And I can't wait to continue to overshare it with you, of course.

Thanks for understanding that the next week or two may continue to be quiet as we get adjusted to being a family of three.  I've been writing this blog post for 2 days in between naps, so you can see it's going to take a bit to get this routine down.  I'm on it.  I do hope to be right back in the kitchen and in your faces as soon as I can, I promise!

In the meantime, can we just talk about a few things that have changed in the 5 days since Avery has been with us?  I am blowing my own mind.

A few things I assumed I would have by age 30:
  1. A husband: check
  2. The semblance of a career: I like to think so
  3. A house: yahoo!
  4. Kid(s): cricket, cricket

A few things I had no clue I would have at age 32:
  1. This blog:  Two years ago I went from someone who envied and appreciated food bloggers and their ability to make cooking, photography, and real life intertwine to someone who tries to do so as well.  On a fairly regular basis.  This blog is for me as much as it is for you, and, two years in, this must be true love.
  2. A fancy camera:  I still don't know what half the buttons do, but I learn more every day.
  3. A cat: To be clear, I like/tolerate mine.  I probably don't like yours.
  4. A half marathon medal:  Hardest thing I've ever done until July 4th, 2013.
  5. A new understanding of what it means to love
  6. A new definition of fear
Love.  And a little bit of fear.
Things that made me the happiest before Avery Caroline:
  1. Husband and family
  2. Friends
  3. Cooking and entertaining
  4. Today's Hits on Pandora and dancing around the kitchen island
  5. A clean kitchen.
  6. A clean everything.
  7. Moving constantly:  Me?  Productivity?  Hand in hand.
  8. Doing everything for myself, on my own:  Help isn't necessary if you're efficient. (Cringe)
Things that make me the happiest after Avery Caroline:
  1. Husband and family:  To our families who came to visit us in the hospital, make and bring us meals, clean our kitchen/stove/floors, do our laundry, stock our fridge...your help, love, and support has been instrumental as we adjust to our new life.  I can't even believe I could ever think your help wouldn't be necessary.  I am thankful for you!
  2. Friends:  You guys...your visits, gifts, presence, smiles, congratulations, well wishes, and hope for us has been overwhelming and is so appreciated.  But not surprising in the least. 
  3. Today's Lullabyes on Pandora: Me + Avery + Rocking Chair at 3am + Sarah McLachlan's When Somebody Loved Me from Toy Story 2 = ball of tears.  Dead.
  4. Sitting and staring at something for an endless period of time:  Sometime soon my heart might explode.
Dumb things I did/thought the week before going into labor:
  1. Got a manicure/eyebrow wax: Probably a good idea to convince the nurses and doctors that I can take care of myself and therefore a baby.  Someone may call DYFS otherwise.
  2. Applied a liberal amount of self-tanner to my legs:  If I have to lose most of my dignity during labor at least I won't be pasty...amIright?
  3. Packed my hospital bag with, among other things, a book, the IPad, a deck of cards:  You know, in case boredom strikes while pushing or in the days to follow.
  4. Push present:  I used to think the idea of the "push present" was extremely self-indulgent and entitled.  Why should any woman get a gift for doing something that is so naturally female and has been done since the dawn of time?  Let's get real, ladies.
Big girl thoughts/actions after labor:
  1. My body can do anything:  I pushed for 3 hours.  I'm not a super hero or anything but I mean...I could stand to appreciate it a little more on a regular basis.
  2. My worth is based on more than my physical appearance.  More like my heart and my presence. 
  3. Push present:  Ok.  I get it now.  Dudes, do your ladies a favor and let her know that you appreciate what she and her body have been through.  No matter how grand or how small this gesture is, if it comes from your heart it is worth the stars.  And she will probably break down and cry a lot because of all the hormones still hanging around.  You really can't lose on this one.  Wanna see mine?
Avery's birthstone is ruby.
And finally, thoughts/actions for the future:
  1. Roll with it.
  2. Things are good.
  3. Stay still and look.
  4. Stop cleaning for a few minutes and enjoy things.
  5. Chill.  Out.
  6. Eat more ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles.


The Spatularettes said...

Hi! I'm a new(ish) reader and another Philadelphia food blogger. I'm not sure how I originally stumbled upon your space, but I'm sure glad that I did.

Anyhoo, I wanted to offer you a BIG congrats and say that you and your baby and your blog are lovely.

Meghan : )

PS: Come say hello sometime @ The Spatularettes (

Joanne said...

How perfect is she!!! I love that last picture of the two of you. Too precious. Congratulations chica!!

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