It's a....


...and it's a post without a recipe today.  Don't get mad!  I can explain.

Yesterday my husband and I hosted a "Gender Reveal" dinner for our immediate family.  We gathered, we ate a delicious dinner, we tried to contain our excitement and talk about other things besides the gender of our baby hiding out within a double layer of moist, chocolate cake sitting on the kitchen counter, and then we couldn't take it anymore!  We had to dig in.

To our delight, the cake's insides were pink, and we are expecting a precious baby girl in 19 weeks!  Then we promptly checked the backup envelope from the doctor, and phew!  Girl, indeed.

So, you see, I cooked yesterday.  I cooked a lot, actually.  Did you know that Ina Garten's Company Pot Roast is kind of a no-brainer for large family feasts?  Sear it, braise it, forget about it.  And Green Beans Gremolata is a perfect side dish to prepare alongside.  Blanch some green beans and saute them for literally a minute, and then mix with the perfect blend of parmesan, almonds, lemon zest, and parsley.  Finally, this whipped feta dip killed me.  Killed me!  I slathered it on everything from carrots to broccoli to multi-seed lavash flatbreads.  I'm allowed to.  The belly's my excuse.

And while dinner was a success, nothing I prepared was captured by any of my camera lenses except the inside of the cake with my IPhone.  My brain was too consumed with thoughts of pink or blue (or, God forbid, purple?) cake icing to remember my blogging duties.

I hope you can forgive me!  See you on Thursday with a fresh post and a dinner blast from the past.

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