Happy Thanksgiving and GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Do you know who eats two separate Thanksgiving dinners plus baked manicotti and a second helping of dessert on Thanksgiving?

This girl.

For real, I was full after our noon-time antipasto platter.  And I was full after baked artichoke squares.  A little somethin' new I tried.

I continued to be full after our 2pm tradition of delicious baked manicotti courtesy of a generations-old recipe, and even fuller still after moving on to turkey with all the trimmings, including a lightened up green bean casserole.

Of course, after driving the 1.5 hours to Thanksgiving Dinner #2, I was still full but made room for a second helping of turkey and cranberry sauce with bourbon and vanilla.  As my husband says, it just fills in the cracks in the stomach.  You know?

And yes, I was beyond full when I went back for a second tiny sliver of sticky, gooey, pecan pie.

Diner's remorse?  Maybe (yes, totally, ugh, sometimes I hate myself).  But while my stomach will digest and the extra calories will burn off, my heart will remain full with the spirit of family, tradition, memories, and giving thanks.  I truly hope your Thanksgiving was as "full" as mine, and that your heart prepares for the spirit of the Christmas season.

And now can we please forget about pumpkin for awhile and focus on cookies?  Geez, finally!

But now on to more important the very first Type A Kitchen GIVEAWAY winner!  Congratulations to Christina Ghosn who has won America's Favorite Food!  Christina, please send your email address to so that I can send you your cookbook just in time for the holiday season!

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