Thanksgiving Bites



Pre-made pie crust. 

A day off.

Maple syrup. 

Peace and quiet. 

Heat.  Hot water.

My kitchen island. 


A mini spring form pan. 

Natural sunlight.  

Ricotta cheese.  


A head start on Christmas shopping. 

And wrapping.

Two wonderful sets of family to eat Red Pepper Cheesecake and Walnut Maple Pie with.  Two wonderful sets of family to cook us two complete Thanksgiving dinners.  Two hours apart. 

Legs that will help me run off two complete Thanksgiving dinners, two hours apart.  My health.

Are you catching on?

My Thanksgiving wish for you is the time, even just 30 seconds in your own head, to acknowledge the little things that you maybe took for granted yesterday, but that you're thankful for today. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Joanne said...

Sigh. Love this post.

It's very stream-of-consciousness. Which I love.

And full of such tasty food!

Jacky said...

We were the lucky recipients of the Walnut Maple Pie - it was WONDERFUL! Very much like a Pecan Pie, though less dense and chewy. Terrific balance of flavors. Thanks so much!

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