Anniversary Bites

For anyone counting, we're celebrating an anniversary over here!  (I'm a little bit excited.  Don't hold it against me.)

No no, it's not my one year blog-iversary (although doesn't it feel as though you and I have been chatting for years?)!  Slow down!  I haven't yet shared any hearty fall pastas or soups yet, and we haven't even begun to scratch the surface on the many winter weeknight ways to stuff pork or roast chicken. 

Sheesh.  I'm tired just thinking of all the work yet to be done.

It's my one year wedding anniversary!

Cue applause!  Or vomit.  Whichever.

Exactly one ago, the rain and clouds disappeared, and the most brilliant fall day unfolded before me faster than I could hold onto.  One second I was awake and running through the house yelling "I'm getting married today!!" like Monica Gellar, and the next thing I knew my husband and I were swaying to the last dance of the night among a sea of family and friends.

It was over that fast. 

In all, I took away about 15,000 memories from one single day that no doubt will last me the next 60 years over.  (Except from about 10pm on.  The bartender was just so attentive!  Must have been the pretty dress.)  I am a lucky girl.

So this weekend, exactly one year later, I was excited for several things: 

1) Drinking the last bottle of wine given to us by my maids of honor (ok...technically the last bottle is meant to celebrate our first baby, but what the heck good is that gonna do me??)
2) Dining at our favorite Italian restaurant and reminiscing about the excitement of the day
3) Re-tasting our yummy wedding cake! 
4) Reclaiming valuable freezer real estate taken up by said cake

And to that end, I was positive this cake would taste just as delicious as I remembered!  Or at least taste as delicious as I remembered from our bakery cake tasting.  We did cut the cake after 10pm, remember.

In short, dinner was delicious, wine was enjoyed, and after a few bites of cake our consensus was that we didn't remember ordering the layer of beef sauteed with peas and onions that we tasted tonight (you should know that I can recite just about every episode of Friends verbatim.).

Just kidding!  Miraculously, and I really don't understand how, the top layer of our cake tasted as good as I had hoped.  To quote my husband, said to me after spending the day together: "Oh God, cannoli cream I LOVE you".   Ouch.

Here's to many, many, MANY more!

But next year we spring for new cake.

1 comment:

Joanne said...

Aww congratulations! (with a little vomit :P)

But seriously, it sounds like you guys had a great wedding and given that the cake had cannoli cream in must have had a great cake also.

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